Writing Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our 10th Annual Writing Contest! This year’s judges, who included Library staff, community members, and an RSU 1 representative, had a challenging job picking the winners.
Winning pieces will be up on our website later this month, and everyone who entered the contest will be invited to a reception.
Thank you to everyone who entered, and congratulations again to the winners!


6-9 Grade Non-Fiction

First Place: Vignette Timeline of My Connection to Nature by Isabel Bathe Oyer

Second Place: Alexander Graham Bell: Inventor, Educator, and Visionary by Finn McEneaney


6-9 Grade Fiction

TIE: Echoes of the Jungle by Colin McDorr

TIE: The Qualupalik by Caroline Luchies

TIE: Whalesong by Josephine Dunn


10-12 Grade Non-Fiction

First Place: Ring, “No School Today.” by Grace Tetreault

Second Place: The Hubcap by Evan D’Souza


10-12 Grade Fiction

First Place: Between Today and Tomorrow by Aurora Guzzetti

Second Place: Deep Discovery by Ella Burkhardt


Adult Non-Fiction

First Place: Valet to the Dead by Gary Newton

Second Place: 15 Minutes by Shannon Yarbrough


Adult Fiction

First Place: Mudlines by Joan Newkirk

Second Place: The Boy Who Loved A Girl by Zachary McDorr

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