Virtual Open Mic, Set 2: Jonah Smith with Modern Prometheus

Welcome to Set 2 of our virtual open mic for teens! This week, sophomore Jonah Smith of Morse High School performs two songs with the help of the band he is part of.

Modern Prometheus is a band of students and their teacher based in Portland, Maine. The group is mostly influenced by 90s rock, and they are expanding their repertoire of covers while also delving into original songwriting. They often play live at Cadenza in Freeport.

The set consists of two covers recorded from a 1996 rock album: “Pinkerton” by Weezer. At the time of recording, this was the band’s lineup: Jonah Smith: Vocals, Guitar; Herbie Bryant: Bass; Miles Winslow: Drums; Duane Edwards: Guitar and Musical Instruction. Chorus backup vocals were provided by Avery LaRose on “Getchoo,” guitar solos by Jonah and Duane on “Why Bother?,” and guitar solo by Duane on “Getchoo.”


“Getchoo” Cover from “Pinkerton” by Weezer (1996)
“Why Bother?” Cover from “Pinkerton” by Weezer (1996)

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