Unusual Things to Borrow

Need something interesting to do? Thinking about trying something new? There are several unusual items you can borrow from Patten Free Library!

Science – Explore your world with our incredible collection of binoculars, a telescope and science kits.

   Orion StarBlaster Telescope

 Astronomy Binoculars

Binoculars Stargazing Kit

My Own Back Yard (MOBY): The Children’s Room is happy to offer My Own Backyard (MOBY) backpacks and book bags for youth exploration of local natural history.


MBTG Bookbag: Rocks

MBTG Backpack: Rocks

MBTG Bookbag: Fields

MBTG Backpack: Fields

MBTG Bookbag: River

MBTG Backpack: River

MBTG Bookbag: Woodland

MBTG Backpack: Woodland

MBTG Bookbag: Seashore

MBTG Backpack: Seashore

MBTG Bookbag: Ponds

MBTG Backpack: Ponds

MBTG Bookbag: Night

MBTG Backpacks: Night


The Children’s Room is glad to offer two circulating language backpacks from Dino Lingo for learning French and Spanish.

Learning language book bags for children: French 

Learning language book bags for children: Spanish


American Girl Doll Kits: The Children’s Room circulates 7 American Girl dolls along with accessories.

Kaya (1764) & her mare, Steps High

Caroline Abbott (1812)

Addy Walker (1864)

Samantha Parkington (1904)

Rebecca Rubin (1914)

Molly McIntire (1944)

Maryellen Larkin (1954)


The library has two ukulele kits available for checkout at the reference desk. Each kit includes a ukulele, a tuner, a case, and a chord chart.





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