“The Poison Eaters and Other Stories” by Holly Black

This collection of short stories by young adult author Holly Black wasn’t short on anything I look for in her novels. It was gripping, magical, dark, and utterly lovely. Each character draws you in with their unique voice and story, making it hard and exciting to move on from each tale. The tone of each story was distinct enough but also tied in well with the others; it felt curated and thematically consistent, not just a random collection of her works. As a longstanding fan I appreciated seeing some of her earlier work before it fully developed and short stories that tied into some of her previous and future works such as the Modern Faerie Tales series and the “Coldest Girl in Coldtown.”

If you are interested in getting lost in some dark fantasy involving fairies, vampires, and some creatures and curses unnamed, then I recommend picking up this collection. 

Review by Megan Hultman, Circulation Assistant

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