Patten’s 2019 Teen Writing Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s Patten Free Library Teen Writing Contest! Check out this year’s winning entries here

We’re grateful to the Friends of Patten Free Library; their contribution towards the prizes makes this contest possible.  Thanks also to our judges, Shannon Bowring and Josephina Gasca, and to the members of the Teen Library Council who also helped with the judging.   


1st Place
Grades 10-12 (tie): Kayleigh Duggan for “Dancing Through Life” and Abby Durgin for “Hair”
Grades 7-9: Olivia Winn for “The Bigelow Wilderness”

Honorable Mention
Grades 10-12: Lorelei Pryor for “The Innkeeper’s Daughter”
Grades 7-9: Sophia Kovacs for “The Defeat of the Playmobil Palace, Jane Ouellette for “Finding the Red Panda,” and Arianna Baker for “The Dog”


1st Place
Grades 10-12 (tie): Emma Beauregard for “Levono” and Nina Powers for “We Grew Up”
Grades 7-9: No prize recommended.

Honorable Mention
Grades 10-12: Nina Ryan for “I Can’t Hear You”
Grades 7-9: Natalie Emmerson for “It’s Okay to Feel” and Zoe Brush for “Prophetess: A Tale from the Future”

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