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Shut Up and Play the Hits!

Reviewed by Sarah Maciejewski. 

In honor of Talking Heads’ seminal music documentary Stop Making Sense being re-released in theaters later this year, I would like to recommend another concert film by another band, LCD Soundsystem. (But, also, if you have never seen Stop Making Sense, or even if you have, go see it on the big screen. It’s incredible.)

LCD Soundsystem had a relatively short but beloved run from 2002 to 2011 when founder James Murphy decided it was time to call it quits, ripping the hearts out of fans everywhere. The band would say its final goodbye in concert at Madison Square Garden which was documented in the film Shut Up and Play the Hits.

Talking Heads fans, Bowie fans, and Music-Of-All-Sorts-Fans will be blown away by the footage of what had to be one of the most emotional, overwhelming, and danceable concerts of all time. Just try not to dance. Impossible. And while you’re dancing, don’t despair about it being the final concert; the band reformed late in 2015 and are still going strong.
(Note: Shut Up and Play the Hits is streaming on Kanopy which you can access with your  PFL card! If you need it on DVD, we can get it through Minerva). Enjoy! 

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