Staff Picks: Unlikely Animals by Annie Hartnett

Emma Starling has returned home in disgrace.  Once blessed with healing hands that could cure all manner of small injuries, she has now not so much flunked out of med school as just not shown up.  Now her motorcycle-riding ex-college professor father is dying of a mysterious brain disease, her brother is in recovery from an opioid addiction but has otherwise lost his way, and her mother (her father’s fourth wife) has had enough and might be about to leave her father for his doctor.  Not to mention that Emma’s father has made friends with the ghost of a local historical figure, Emma’s best friend from childhood is missing, presumed dead, and her childhood crush is still living in their hometown.

A novel of second chances, ghosts, exotic animals, and all different kinds of recovery and love, Unlikely Animals is a heart filled novel about life, death, and all the places in between.

Hannah, Program and Outreach Manager

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