Staff Picks: The Skull: A Tyrolean Fairytale by Jon Klasson

Abandoning his theme of animals making questionable decisions about hats, Klassen’s newest book is an adaptation of a Tyrolean folktale. The Skull is first and foremost a folktale, but it has some definite Halloween crossover potential due to the disembodied skull and his fear of a headless skeleton who tries to steal him every night. The story follows a young girl who stumbles upon an old house and bonds instantly with its sole inhabitant, the aforementioned skull. Their friendship forms around an unspoken agreement to not discuss their pasts so we don’t know why the skull’s head has been separated from his body, or why the girl has run away. Klassen’s delivery is as concise as ever, and he lets his illustrations convey any and all emotions. Great for younger readers who are looking for something a tiny bit spooky or readers of any age who would enjoy a touching and strikingly illustrated portrayal of found family.

-Sarah, Reference and Childrens

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