Staff Pick: Small Game by Blair Braverman

When Mara joins the cast of Civilization, she thinks she is well prepared.  On this new survival reality show contestants must work together to last six weeks in the wilderness.  Anyone who makes it to the end will win a cash prize, and Mara, a Wilderness Survival Instructor, really needs the money.  Sure, her companions and fellow contestants have varying levels of outdoor experience and being on camera does not come naturally, but she is sure she has all the skills needed to make it out in the wild.  But something goes wrong, and halfway through the challenge the survivors are left on their own, wondering what happened and forced to use their skills for real.

Written by real life adventurer and dogsled racer Blair Braverman (who has also been a contestant on a survival reality show), the world of Small Game felt so real I could hardly bear to leave it for a minute, and thought about it constantly over the three days it took me to finish the book.  Small Game is a tautly plotted thriller, a fascinating adventure, an education in wilderness skills, and a thoughtful examination on the true meaning of survival.

Hannah, Programs and Outreach

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