Staff Pick: Mostly Dead Things by Kristen Arnett

Jessa-Lynn has a problem.  Actually, she has a whole family of them.  In the wake of her father’s suicide, Jessa-Lynn takes over his failing taxidermy business, even as her mother seems to be actively sabotaging what little dignity the business has left by sneaking in at night and posing the animals provocatively.  Her brother, Milo, is withdrawing from the family, and Milo’s wife, whom Jessa-Lynn has been having an affair with since high school, leaves her husband and children (and Jessa-Lynn) behind without a word. As the family, business, and neglected dead animals fall apart Jessa-Lynn falls with them.  What will it take to, (pun intended) bring them all back to life?  An unusual and very weird black comedy of taxidermy, art, family drama, love, death, and finding yourself at any age.

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