Staff Pic: Graphic Novel


The Exile Reviewed by Sarah Maciejewski.

If you enjoy westerns and/or Viking revenge stories, I recommend checking out our new graphic novel, The Exile, by Erik Kriek.

When Hallstein Thordsson returns to Iceland after having been banished for seven years, he is alarmed to find that things haven’t changed all that much. He is determined to defend his stepmother, Solvieg, from Einar, who is harassing her into marriage. Can Thordsson repair broken bonds and protect his loved ones while trying to restore his place in society?

The Exile is illustrated mostly in a detached shade of blue-grey that captures the starkness of the environment. Memories of violence or passion are red, breaking up any potential monotony and playing up to the rage and fear in the story. Fans of EC comics will enjoy the throwback illustration style.

Tenth century Iceland is the perfect backdrop for this tale of revenge and conflicted heroism. Recommended for anyone looking for a solid, historic, action comic!

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