Staff Directory

Staff Directory
Main Telephone Number 207-443-5141
Pamela Barry Reference Librarian
Debbie Burleson Circulation Assistant
Gia Charles Circulation Assistant
Laurel Cox Reference Librarian
Katy Dodge Head of Children’s Services Ext. 1017
Lesley Dolinger Director Ext. 1015
Josephina Gasca Bookkeeper
Beverly Gilbert Reference Librarian
Roberta Jordan Assistant Director Ext. 1025
Mary Kate Kwasnik Archivist & Special Collections Librarian Ext. 1018
Hannah Lackoff Programming & Outreach Manager Ext. 1021
Sarah Maciejewski Children’s Services Assistant
Jack Martin Reference and History Room Assistant
Liz McDorr Circulation Assistant
Paula Price Circulation Assistant
Karen Richard Children’s Services Assistant
Samantha Ricker Development Director Ext. 1019
Shannon Stride Technical Services Coordinator Ext. 1014
Karen Townsend Circulation Assistant
Amanda Walden Children’s Services Assistant
Barbara West Circulation Assistant
Mary Ellen Wilson Interlibrary Loan Coordinator Ext. 1024

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