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A Flick of Sunshine and the Remarkable Adventures of a “Bath Boy”

Saturday, May 2

Local author Fredric B. Hill’s presentation and a reading from his latest book “A Flick of Sunshine.” Hill’s talk focuses mainly on the story of a shipwreck, survival in the latter days of the great three- and four-masted sailing ships, and Bath’s prominence in shipbuilding in the mid and later 19th century.


2021 Writing Contest Winners

Forgetting by Acadia Guiliani                                                       Seaglass by Sinead Bowdish

The Poet’s Well by James M. Wright                                                 Maine by Susan Landry


Armchair Traveler Series

Armchair Traveler: Every Bird in Maine – The Story of a Maine Big Year

April 6, 2022

Why would a successful Maine software developer in his early 60s close his laptop and spend an entire year chasing a little known birding record? Follow Ethan Whitaker’s 2021 adventure as he travels from Kittery to Caribou to Camden to Fryeburg in an attempt to see every species of bird in the State of Maine.  With support from Mid Coast Hospital.

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Armchair Traveler: Kittery to Fort Kent: 300 Miles by Bicycle

March 9, 2022

Last fall, lifelong friends Alain Ouellette and Norman Guerette fulfilled a longtime dream and took a 12-day, 600-mile bicycle trip from Kittery to Fort Kent. Using mostly Route 1 and Route 1A, the retirees covered about 50 miles a day and stayed in tents, with friends, and with friends of friends. At this Zoom talk Alain and Norm share what they did to prepare for the trip, lessons learned, and tales from the beautiful coast of Maine. With support from Bath Savings Institute.


Armchair Traveler: From Greenville to Belfast, a 300-mile Paddling Journey

February 9, 2022

In May of 2021, Jackie Stratton, her partner Nate and dog Maple embarked on a 24-day canoe trip from Greenville to Belfast. Primarily following the route of Henry David Thoreau, Penobscot guide Joe Polis, and countless indigenous people, their 300+ mile padding journey included 8 miles of historic portage routes to connect the Kennebec Headwaters, West Branch, East Branch, and Main Stem of the Penobscot River. She shared about how they prepared, naturalist highlights, lessons learned, and what it was like to be on “river time.”

2021 Armchair Traveler Series


Edible Book Contest Demonstrations

Kaite Thayer of Thayer Treats teaches three different classes on baking techniques to provide inspiration for the 2022 Edible Book Contest. With support from Now You’re Cooking.

March 25, 2022

Dragon Egg Sugar Cookies

April 1, 2022

Very Hungry Caterpillar Pull Apart Cupcakes

April 8, 2022

Book Cakes

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History Room Presentations

2022 Town History Series

January and February 2022

The Town History Series is a long-standing Patten Free Library tradition that brings together Patten Free Library’s member communities to learn about and celebrate each town’s local history.  The town of Arrowsic, Bath Historical Society, Georgetown Historical Society, West Bath Historical Society, and Woolwich Historical Society each select a speaker to present on an aspect of their local history. 

Previous year’s Town History Series presentations


A Skillful Artificer: The Architecture of Anthony Coombs Raymond

December 1, 2021

Saved from demolition 50 years ago, Bath’s Winter Street Church is the masterpiece of Anthony Coombs Raymond’s long career as an architect-builder in the Bath-Brunswick area. Born in 1798, Raymond started working in Brunswick at the age of 18 in 1816. Maine Hall of 1836 on the Bowdoin College campus is his most visible surviving building in Brunswick today. In 1839 his work on the Universalist Church in Bath resulted in his moving to the community. For the next 40 years he planned and built churches and houses for Kennebec River towns, influencing architectural design from Phippsburg to Gardiner. This talk illustrates many examples of Raymond’s work with a focus on his churches, especially the Winter Street Church in Bath.

In collaboration with Sagadahoc Preservation, Inc., the History Room welcomes Maine State Historian Earle Shettleworth to reprise his popular 2010 talk about the architect of the Winter Street Church, which was saved from demolition by SPI in 1971.


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