Movie Review: Sorry to Bother You

Usually when I love a movie it’s because: the movie contains monsters; the movie makes me cry; the movie has robots in it; or the movie is called John Wick. Sometimes, though, I love a movie because it surprises me and confuses me and then I can’t stop thinking about it.

Directed by Boots Riley, Sorry To Bother You is a dystopian satire that should be familiar but instead is multiple layers of discomfort. Cassius Green (Lakeith Stanfield) wants terribly to move himself and his performance artist girlfriend out of his Uncle’s garage. After he begrudgingly accepts a job at RegalView, a telemarketing agency, he begins to climb the corporate ladder by applying what a seasoned coworker (Danny Glover) calls ‘The White Voice,’ (which is actually the voice of David Cross).

The movie parodies so much at once (underpaid and undervalued workers, meme culture, activism and more) that at times it becomes a little messy and rambling, although it always stays funny and interesting. Watch the entire movie, and then visit me in the Children’s Room and let me know if you saw it coming. Saw what coming? You’ll know. You’ll just know.

Review by Sarah Maciejewski, Children’s Room Staff.

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