Magical Alice Hoffman

The Rules of Magic (2017)
by Alice Hoffman

Finally, a book about love and magic that is as real and true as it is inventive. In The Rules of Magic, Alice Hoffman has created a beautiful portrayal of family devotion and connection, a novel that captures the exhilaration and trepidation of true love. In this prequel to Practical Magic, the Owens family carries a curse within their bloodline, one that is tied back to their ancestor from 300 years ago: anyone whom they fall in love with is bound to die an untimely death. The three siblings — Franny, the stoic and serious eldest, Jet, who is deeply trusting and idealistic, and Vincent, the rebellious troublemaker — spend a fateful summer in Massachusetts with their mystical aunt, learning about the magic that flows through their veins and the truth of their heritage. The story follows their lives from childhood and illustrates the power and inevitability of love– how a person can build walls around their heart or try to outrun their feelings, but that one way or another, love will find you whether you want it to or not. I took my time with this book, picking it up and putting it down, wanting to draw out the story and really take it in. And I was not disappointed; the last page left me feeling a hopeful heartache. Punctuated by tidbits of herbal wisdom and written with the artfully woven words that Hoffman is known for, I will most assuredly be reading through again someday.

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Review by Dori Brillard.

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