September is National Literacy Month!

September is National Literacy Month! This month (and every month) we celebrate the value of reading books in all stages of life, whether it’s an infant being read to by their parent, a kindergartner learning how to sound out the words of a Frog and Toad book, or an 11-year-old diving into their new favorite series. Here are a few new featured additions to our collection which can be found on our New Book shelf when you first enter the Children’s Room.

The Jelly Bean Tree by Toni Yuly- This story follows Jelly Bean the giraffe who naps resting against trees. When Jelly Bean awakes to find a mama bird has built her nest on Jelly Bean’s head, the giraffe must wait patiently and carefully for the chicks to hatch. Best for ages 2-5.

King and Kayla and the Case of the Missing Dog Treats by Dori Hillestad Butler- This early-reader-level book is told from the perspective of King the Dog, who is initially suspected of eating the dog treats Kayla has made without her permission. He senses an intruder is in the house and he and Kayla must work together to figure out who really took the biscuits. Best for ages 6-9.

Orphan Island by Laurel Snyder- Jinny lives with eight other children on Orphan Island, a paradise where they are fed provided for every day. But once a year, there is a Changing, where the Eldest orphan is taken away on a boat and replaced with a new youngster. This tale teaches about the ever-changing state of life, how we must move forward and let go. Best for ages 9 and up.

Lowriders to the Center of the Earth by Cathy Camper- When Lupe Impala, El Chavo Flapjack, and Elirio Malaria lose their beloved cat Genie, they must travel to the center of the earth to retrieve him from Mictalantecuhtli, the Aztec god of the underworld. With a mixture of science, Spanish, and legend the crew encounter many characters on their wayward journey. Best for ages 8 and up.

Little People, Big Dreams: Marie Curie by Isabel Sanchez Vegara This short and simple book covers the life and accomplishments of Madame Curie. From her discovery of radium and polonium to her two Nobel Prizes, kids will learn the important cornerstone her work was to modern science. Best for ages 7 and up.


by Dori Brillard, Children’s Room Staff

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