Have You Seen Our Magazines?


We subscribe to 16 outstanding children’s magazines that can be checked out for three weeks and renewed for another three weeks, including the most current one. According to Forbes magazine, for grownups, “The best way for children to learn is by experience and ideally we would like our children to visit everywhere to learn fast. But this is not practical and the next best thing is to learn by reading and seeing. This is what makes magazines an ideal learning tool for children. Magazines are an excellent combination of knowledge and entertainment.”

The picture, to your left, is the front cover of Appleseeds magazine (April, 2011), featuring facts about John Muir, an amazing environmental hero. His birthday is on April 21 and if he was alive today, Mr. Muir would be 177 years old! John Muir had a lot of answers about why it is important to care for the natural world. He said, “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” Thanks to Mr. Muir, we have national parks to protect our Country’s most beautiful places. In this issue, you’ll meet John Muir and get some good ideas about how to care for our earth and have a great time in the process.

One curiosity can lead to another. Find out about Earth Day in Maine. Did you know, the very first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970?

Our children’s magazines are located in the Children’s Room near the Picture Book section and have the location code J Magazines ( the J is for Juvenile or, as I like to say, Junior). Here’s what we have to offer you:

  • American Girl (J Magazines)
    Designed to celebrate the achievements and foster the creativity of girls, ages 8-12, American Girl magazine is filled with craft projects, games, girl-to-girl advice and more! The companion website features a variety of fun activities.
  • AppleSeeds (J Magazines)
    Geared to children, ages 7-9, each themed issue covers a social studies topic. Includes articles, interviews, photographs and activities.
  • Ask: Arts and Sciences for Kids (J Magazines)
    Features puzzles, riddles, cartoons, articles and more inviting readers, ages 6-9 to explore the world’s greatest artists, inventors and other thinkers.
  • Babybug (J Magazines)
    Designed for children, 6 months-2 years old, this boardbook magazine contains colorful pictures, short stories and rhymes to engage listeners and encourage children to try reading.
  • Chickadee (J Magazines)
    Filled with puzzles, games, pictures and activities of interest to children, ages 5-9, Chickadee features colorful photos and stories emphasizing funny, unusual and true information about animals and people.
  • Cobblestone American History for Kids (J Magazines)
    Geared for kids, ages 8-14, each issue examines a part of America’s past. The website lists current and upcoming themes and links to theme-related websites and others of interest to children and teachers.
  • Cricket (J Magazines)
    Features children’s literature, poems, stories, articles, songs, crafts and jokes for children, ages 8-12. Contributors are often internationally known authors and illustrators. Regular features include “Cricket League” (a story, art, or poetry contest), crossword puzzle, and letters from children to the magazine.
  • Dig (J Magazines)
    A Cobblestone publication produced in cooperation with the Archaeological Institute of America, Dig brings the excitement of archaeology and other earth sciences to readers, ages 9-14. Each issue focuses on a theme and contains information and activities, colorful graphics and photos to promote a broad understanding of the featured topic.
  • Faces : Peoples, Places and Cultures (J Magazines)
    Geared for children, ages 9-14, this magazine provides historical information about places in the news, colorful photos, maps and activities to help young people increase their knowledge of world cultures.
  • FamilyFun for parents with children, ages 3-12, and focuses on family cooking, vacations, parties, holidays, crafts, and learning
  • Ladybug (J Magazines)
    Targeted to a younger audience, 2-7. It contains numerous learning activities with a particular focus on reading and understanding. Contains poems, stories, cartoons, and activities.
  • National Geographic Kids (Formerly called National Geographic World) (J Magazines)
    Published by the National Geographic Society for kids, ages 8-14, Kids covers a wide variety of topics, but focuses on geography, adventure, wildlife and science issues. The website includes links to stories, fun facts, games and other activities.
  • New Moon (J Magazines)
    New Moon: The Magazine for Girls and Their Dreams is an international magazine designed “for every girl who wants her voice heard and her dreams taken seriously.” Featuring girl editors, ages 8-14, and girl contributors from around the world, the magazine includes stories, poems, artwork, personal profiles and a variety of informational articles.
  • Ranger Rick (J Magazines)
    Monthly magazine for kids, ages 7+ features colorful animal photos, funny drawings, and exciting stories that inform children about nature, outdoor adventure, and helping the environment. The online version of the magazine includes websites for homework help, monthly activities, games, sections for parents and teachers and a sneak preview of the current issue.
  • Ranger Rick Jr. (J Magazines)
    Monthly magazine featuring information and photos about wilflife for ages 4-7. Website for the magazine offers animal facts, short stories, games and more.(Big Backyard and Wild Animal Baby titles, previously published by the National Wildlife Federation, have merged with Ranger Rick Jr.)
  • Spider (J Magazines)
    Recommended for ages 6-9. Contains stories, articles, poems, drawings, cartoons and letters all with the aim of getting children interested in reading.

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