Dahlov’s Wonderful Christmas Tree

mywonderfulchristmastree_72dpiI looked out my window on Christmas night, and there I saw a most wonderful sight ~ One shining star, one brilliant light, sparkling, glimmering, gleaming bright, high in my tree on Christmas night, one shining star…

Of all the children’s poems that delight my heart during this Christmas season, My Wonderful Christmas Tree by Dahlov Ipcar, is by far my chosen favorite. The poem’s beautiful beginning beckons us to share the simplicity of Dahlov “wondrous world” of “captivating creatures of the field and forest who come to visit” her Georgetown farm. Dahlov’s distinctive style is depicted on each sweetly illustrated page as I count, one star, two black bears, three bobcats, four porcupines, five raccoons, six snowy owls, seven ruffed grouse, eight gray squirrels, nine bluejays, ten evening grosbeaks, eleven chipmunks, and twelve chickadees. During this December, I hope you discover one of several copies of this lovely book on our Children’s Room bookshelves and share its wonder with a child.

Carol McFadden ~ Head of Children’s Services





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