Calling All Collectors!

Come see Odin’s collection of wooden trucks; on display for two weeks! 

Collection: Wooden Trucks

Collector : Odin

Age: 3

Odin started this collection last year. 

He became interested in wooden trucks because he just wanted to!

He started collecting wooden trucks because it’s just his fun!

His favorite piece from the collection is the conveyor belt.

He would add an asphalt reclaimer if he could add anything to this collection. 

See Odin’s collection in the Children’s Room from 9/16/2019 – 10/30/2019.

If you have a children’s collection you would like to put on display for others to see in our Children’s Room, please contact Ms. Katy or the Children’s Room staff to sign up! Phone: 207-443-5141 ext. 19.

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