Town History Series: Arrowsic

The Town History series takes place annually in January and February, bringing our communities together with a series presentations by representatives from local historical societies. Recordings of most presentations are available in the History Room.

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The 2020 and 2021 Town History Series are now available to view on YouTube!

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Maritime History of Arrowsic, presented by Jack Carr, 2021. Available online!

Arrowsic’s Intertidal Zone: A Historical Perspective, presented by Matt Caras, 2020. Available online!

One House’s Journey Through Arrowsic History, presented by Malcolm Persen, 2018.

Samuel De Champlain’s Circumnavigation of Arrowsic In 1605, presented by Matt Caras, 2017.

Crossing the Water of Arrowsic, presented by Michael Kreindler, 2016.

History of Mill Pond Preserve, presented by Nancy Sferra, 2015.

Arrowsic’s Early Scotch-Irish Settlers and the Snipe Family, presented by David Weiss, 2014.

Very Early Arrowsic History: An Indulgence In Speculation, presented by Jack Witham, 2013.

Saving Squirrel Point Light Station, presented by Fred Kahrl, 2012. (Not filmed.)

Great Expectations: From Bald Head to the Baker Farm, presented by Fred Kahrl, 2011.

Lighting the Kennebec, presented by Mike Kreindler and Fred Kahrl, 2010.

Industrial Island: Arroswic’s Tide Mills, presented by Bud Warren, 2009.

From Forest to Farm and Back Again: Holt Research Forest, Arrowsic, presented by Jack Witham, 2008.

Fiddler’s Reach: Arrowsic’s Dangerous Double Dogleg, presented by Michael Kreindler, 2007.

Families, Farms and Roads of 19Th Century Arrowsic, presented by Peter Goodwin, 2006. (Not filmed.)

Newtown on Arrowsic Island: the 18Th Century Hub of Georgetown, presented by Peter Goodwin, 2005. (Not filmed.)


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