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The Town History series takes place annually in January and February, bringing our communities together with a series presentations by representatives from local historical societies. Recordings of most presentations are available in the History Room.

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The 2020-2023 Town History Series programs are now available to view on YouTube!

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Arrowsic: Gift or Purchase? Relation to the Land, Arrowsic 1717, presented by Sheila Spear, 2022. Available online!

Maritime History of Arrowsic, presented Jack Carr, 2021. Available online!

Arrowsic’s Intertidal Zone: a Historical Perspective, presented by Matt Caras, 2020. Available online!

One House’s Journey Through Arrowsic History, presented by Malcolm Persen, 2018.

Samuel De Champlain’s Circumnavigation of Arrowsic In 1605, presented by Matt Caras, 2017.

Crossing the Water of Arrowsic, presented by Michael Kreindler, 2016.

History of Mill Pond Preserve, presented by Nancy Sferra, 2015.

Arrowsic’s Early Scotch-Irish Settlers and the Snipe Family, presented by David Weiss, 2014.

Very Early Arrowsic History: An Indulgence In Speculation, presented by Jack Witham, 2013.

Saving Squirrel Point Light Station, presented by Fred Kahrl, 2012. (Not filmed.)

Great Expectations: From Bald Head to the Baker Farm, presented by Fred Kahrl, 2011.

Lighting the Kennebec, presented by Mike Kreindler and Fred Kahrl, 2010.

Industrial Island: Arroswic’s Tide Mills, presented by Bud Warren, 2009.

From Forest to Farm and Back Again: Holt Research Forest, Arrowsic, presented by Jack Witham, 2008.

Fiddler’s Reach: Arrowsic’s Dangerous Double Dogleg, presented by Michael Kreindler, 2007.

Families, Farms and Roads of 19Th Century Arrowsic, presented by Peter Goodwin, 2006. (Not filmed.)

Newtown on Arrowsic Island: the 18Th Century Hub of Georgetown, presented by Peter Goodwin, 2005. (Not filmed.)


Bath: The Reconstruction of Maine’s First Ship, presented by Jim Parmentier, 2022. Available online!

Two Centuries of Working for Bath Customs, presented by Nathan Lipfert, 2021. Available online!

Bath’s Ship Owning Princes, presented Christopher Timm, 2020. Available online!

Bath’s Ancient Burying Grounds: A Vanishing Treasure, presented by Brenda Cummings & Tim Richter, 2019.

Rare Shipbuilding Tools Recently Found In Bath’s North End, presented by Nathan R. Lipfert, curator emeritus, Maine Maritime Museum, 2018.

“Bath Never Saw Such Times As These”: the Housing Boom of World War One, presented by Robin A.S. Haynes, 2017.

Fisher’s Store: the Life and Times of Alonzo G. Fisher, presented by Frank Connors; researched by Linda Henderson and Frank Connors, 2017.

Patten Free Library: An Architectural Look, presented by Robin A.S. Haynes, 2016.

A History of Bath Newspapers: Loving the Bath Daily Times, presented by Charles Burden, 2015.

The Alarm of 1814: A Bath Episode of the War of 1812, presented by Nathan R. Lipfert, 2014.

Captain James F. Murphy and His Peripatetic Family, presented by Ralph Linwood Snow, 2013.

The Patten Free Library: A Brief History, presented by Peter Goodwin and Robin Haynes, 2012.

The Davenports of Bath, presented by Barry Sturgeon, 2011.

Charles Higgins: the Wallace Nutting of Bath, presented by Gordon Struble, 2010.

Gardiner G. Deering: Patriarch of Maine Shipbuilding, presented by Ken Martin, 2009.

Sarah Sampson and Ruth Henry: Two Bath Nurses, Two Wars, Two Legacies, presented by Mary Ellen Bell, Marla Davis, 2008.

Oscar Marsh Postcard Views of Early 20th Century Bath, presented by Peter Goodwin, 2007.

Victorian Interiors of Bath Homes, presented by Nathan Lipfert, 2006. (Not filmed.)

Bath: Past and Present, presented by Roy Lawrence, 2005. (Not filmed.)


Georgetown: Captain Spinney: Seguin Ornithologist, presented by Jeanne McGowan, 2022. Available online!

Captain Stin Davis…in his Own Words, presented by Jeanne McGowan, 2021. Available online!

Life and Liberty in their Souls: Georgetown’s Free Will Baptists 1800-1840, presented by Darice Elizabeth Birge, 2019.

The Parkers of Maine, presented by Rich Stuart of the Georgetown Historical Society, 2018.

“Rise and Fall of Wooden Shipbuilding In Georgetown, 1607-2016”, presented by G. Chester Horne, Georgetown Historical Society, 2017.

A Look Back At Georgetown’s Many Schools & What They Teach Us Now, presented by presented by Ginny Hopcroft & Jeanne Bailey McGowan, 2016.

The Artifacts of Georgetown, presented by Megan G. Theriault, 2015.

Historic Images of Georgetown, presented by Eugene A. Reynolds, 2014.

Lest We Forget: Remembering Herbert A. Campbell, presented by Denise Moore-Reynolds, 2013.

The Terrible Fire of ’34, presented by Rich Start, 2012.

Maine Moderns: Art in Seguinland, 1900-1940, presented by Victoria Pilgrim, 2011.

The Soldier In the Wall, presented by Lynne Jones and Kirk Lundstrom, 2010.

Isolationism to Internationalism: Georgetown, Maine, 1900-1920, presented by Lynne Jones and Jeanne McGowan, 2009.

Cemeteries of Georgetown, presented by Lynne Jones, Gene Reynolds and Kirk Lundstrom, 2008.

Early Photographers of Georgetown, presented by Lynne Jones, Jeanne McGowan, and Gene Reynolds, 2007.

Mid-Coast Steamboats: When the Rivers Were the Roads, presented by Gene Reynolds, 2006. (Not filmed.)

Kids, Cemeteries & Research In Phippsburg, presented by Merry Chapin and Jessie Varian Sutfin, 2006. (Not filmed.)

Georgetown’s 18Th Century Influx, presented by Billie Todd and Lynne Jones, 2005. (Not filmed.)

Phippsburg’s One-Room Schoolhouses: 1814-1958, presented by Ada Haggett, 2005. (Not filmed.)


Historic Houses of Phippsburg, presented by Richard Spear, Jean Scott, Dick Kelly, and Helen Richmond Webb, 2013.

Phippsburg Then and Now, presented by John G. Morse IV, 2012.

Lost and Found: The 1607 Popham Colony’s Fort St. George, presented by John Bradford, 2011.

A Child’s Eye View of Phippsburg By Col. John F. Williams, presented by Thomas C. Totman, 2010.

The Origins of the Phippsburg Congregational Church, presented by John G. Morse IV, 2009.

The Story of Malaga Island, presented by Bath Middle School 7th grade, Red House, 2008.

The Mills of Winnegance, presented by John Morse IV, 2007.

West Bath’s Captain Winter: Minister and Mystery Man, presented by Avery Meyers, Irene Gardner and Kerry Nelson, 2006. (Not filmed.)

Looking For Granny Lombard, presented by Marla Davis, 2005. (Not filmed.)

West Bath

West Bath: The Geology of West Bath and its Influence on the Early Years, presented by Jim Brophy, 2022. Available online!

100 Years at Campbell’s Pond, presented Peter Stackpole, 2021. Available online!

Inns and Eats In West Bath, Then and Now, presented by Avery Hunt; research by Kerry E. Nelson, 2018.

What’s in a name? A Historical Perspective on Place names in West Bath, presented Donald Bruce, 2020. Available online!

William James Hennessey, 1915-1998: First of the West Bath Hennesseys, presented by Madelyn Hennessey, 2018.

“Over the Hill and Through West Bath”, presented by Sally Graves, Bill Hochgesang, Carrie Kinne, 2016.

Raising Oysters In West Bath, presented by David Hennessey, 2015.

Birch Point’s Growth Spurts: A Pediatrician’s Perspective, presented by Charles Burden, 2014.

Top Secret Radar Tower In West Bath, presented by Avery Hunt Meyers, 2013.

The Littlefield School: West Bath’s Historic One-Room Schoolhouse, presented by Frank Roberts and Charlie Burden, 2012.

The History of Foster Point, West Bath, presented by Victoria Pilgrim, 2011.

Station WMMS/WJTO: Radio In Maine, presented by Bob Bittner, 2010.

Remembering Rosedale: My Experiences on the Farm, presented by Frank Rose, 2009.

Some Descendants of Jeremiah Rose of Massachusetts and Maine, presented by Martha Rea, 2008.

A Place to Stay and A Bite to Eat In Old West Bath, presented by Kathy Totten and Kerry Nelson, 2007.


Woolwich: From Apples to Ale: A History of Montsweag Farm, presented by Allison Hepler, 2022. Available online!

Woolwich Men and the 1779 Penobscot Expedition, presented by Rob Stevens, 2021. Available online!

Woolwich soldiers and the 1775 Benedict Arnold expedition to Quebec, presented Rob Stevens, 2020. Available online!

Shipbuilding and Shipyards of Woolwich, presented by Nathan R. Lipfert, 2019.

A History of the Regional Water Supply and the Development of Nequasset Lake As A Source, presented by Trevor Hunt, Superintendent Bath Water District, 2018.

Where the Bodies Are Buried, presented by Woolwich Historical Society; speaker, Allison Hepler, 2017.

“A Cat’s Tale”, presented by Elwyn Rittall, Woolwich Historical Society, 2016.

Memories of One-Room Schoolhouses In Woolwich, presented by Woolwich Historical Society, 2015.

Woolwich & the Civil War: A Story Told in Artifacts, presented by Woolwich Historical Society; speakers, Rebecca Roche, Todd McPhee & Debbie Locke, 2015.

Ferrying the Kennebec, presented by Vince Shatto, 2014.

Alewives of Woolwich: History Stewardship Harvest, presented by Allison Hepler and Bill Potter, 2013.

Stories of Woolwich Schools, presented by panel discussion, 2012.

The History of Route 1, Woolwich, presented by Allison Hepler, 2011.

Memories of Woolwich, presented by Allison Hepler, 2010.

250 Years In Woolwich: National News – Local Lives, 1759-2009, presented by Allison Hepler, et al, 2009.

Flappers of Woolwich, presented by Gina Hamilton and panel, 2008.

Memories of One-Room Schoolhouses In Woolwich, presented by Gina Hamilton and panel, 2007.

Civil War Letters From Harlan and Addison Bailey of Woolwich, presented by Gina Hamilton, 2006. (Not filmed.)

Early Woolwich History, presented by Bud Reed, 2005. (Not filmed.)


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