Gift Acceptance Policy

Mission: Patten Free Library transforms lives, inspires lifelong learning, preserves local history, and builds community through joyful, creative exploration and dialogue.

The Patten Free Library, a non-profit, tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization, encourages gifts to the Library to secure the Library’s future growth and sustainability and to accomplish its mission.

All gifts become the exclusive property of Patten Free Library and are subject to the Library’s rules, regulations and policies.

Types of Gifts

Cash Gifts

Unless restricted for specific use, gifts of cash will be allocated to the Endowment, operating funds, or a capital account, depending on the size of the gift and the Library’s current needs.

Books and Audio/Visual Materials
The Library accepts donated materials to the collection provided they meet the same selection criteria in accordance with our Materials Selection Policy. These materials are withdrawn in the same manner as purchased materials. The Library does not accept responsibility for notifying donors of withdrawal or replacement of donated items.

Contributions of Periodicals (Magazines and Newspapers)
Monetary gifts for subscriptions to magazines and newspapers may be solicited and accepted by the Library. Other donations of subscriptions will be considered for acceptance in accordance with our Materials Selection Policy.

Memorial/Honorary Gifts
Unless restricted for specific use, memorial or honorary cash gifts will go to the Annual Fund or Endowment, depending on the amount of the gift. Materials purchased with memorial or honorary contributions will be identified with special donor plates.

Contributions of Furniture and Equipment
The Library Director will determine acceptance of donations of furniture and equipment based on the needs of the Library.

Contributions of Real Estate, Works of Art, Collections, etc.
The Library Board of Trustees or designee will determine acceptance of gifts of greater value such as real estate, works of art, and collections. This decision will be based on their suitability to the purposes and needs of the Library, laws and regulations that govern the ownership of the gift, and the Library’s ability to cover insurance and maintenance costs associated with the donation.

Gifts to the Endowment Fund
The Library depends on its Endowment and other non-taxable sources for a major portion of its operating expenses. Growing the Endowment is an important way to ensure the Library’s future. Current gifts of money or securities are especially welcome. Planned giving opportunities may include gifts by will, life insurance programs, IRA beneficiary designation, real property, charitable remainder trusts, etc.

Contributions to the Sagadahoc History & Genealogy Room
The Library accepts gifts of materials pertaining to the history of Maine, with a strong emphasis on two-dimensional items related to the member communities of the Library and Mid-Coast Maine. Items not retained by the Library may be disposed of in an appropriate way, including sale, gift, or trade. Every effort will be made to give significant archival material in good condition, marked for deaccessioning, to another repository with public access.

Valuation of Gifts
The Library will acknowledge receipt of donated items, but donors should consult with their own advisors with respect to the determination value of any non-cash donations. Donors are responsible for obtaining necessary appraisals for tax and insurance purposes.

Gift Recognition
The Library will provide a timely, written acknowledgement of the receipt of gifts to the donor, and if desired, to a recognized individual or organization. Donors are listed in the Patten Free Library Annual Report and may be included in other forms of donor recognition.

Donor Anonymity
Donors may choose not to be recognized by name when bestowing gifts to the library. This wish will be reflected on published lists and other forms of donor recognition.

This policy is intended to cover the more common types of gifts to the Library. It is understood that special gifts or circumstances may require a case-by-case review by the Board of Trustees (or designee) and provisions not covered by this document.

Approved by the Patten Free Library Board of Trustees 5/11/21