2018 – 2019 Donors

Major Benefactor – $1000 and up


Stephen and Marcia August

Dr. Susan Beegel

Lori Benson and Ken Borgendale

Jeremy and Quinn Blaiklock

Sharon and Theodore Drake

Edgard & Geraldine Feder Foundation

Gregory Gensheimer, M.D.

Terry and Sally Gray

William and Sally Haggett

Roger and Sukey Heard

IBM Corporation

Paul and Marnie Kalkstein

Mary Ellen Kazimer and Andy Barber

Richard Kessler and Pamela Cox

Carolyn Lockwood

Patrick and Edna McTeague

Jack and Susan Parker

Julie and Thomas Rice

James and Michelle Rines

Schwab Charitable

Margie and John Sunderland

Tabell Family Foundation

USAA Life Insurance Co.


Laurel Walsh and Justin Schuetz

Linda and Dan Wood

John and Sheila Zittel

Benefactor – $500 to $999

Barbara and Karl Albrecht

Michael and Darreby Ambler

Barbara and Jim Atherton

Baldwin Foundation

Lesley Dolinger

Betsy and Mike Fear

William and Charlinda Gray

Elizabeth and Spencer Gray, Jr.

James Haddock and Kathryn Kenyon

Ted and Linda Hoch

Randy Howell and Peg Duhamel

James and Mabel Jacobs Family Trust

Colby and Kay Kavanagh

K. Jane Kresser

Sam Lambert and Marie Sheffield

Peter and Jody Larkin

Peggy and Tim Mellen

Judy and George Metcalf

David and Annie Miller

David and Martha Kleinschmidt Reifschneider

Roman Wasilewski

Sandra and David Weiss

Albert and Judy Zabin

Francis and Gwen Zaborowski – in memory of Camilla Healey; in memory of Launy Fitzjarrald

Gary and Leah Zartarian

Sponsor – $250 to $499

Anonymous (3)

Bath Savings Institution

Robert and Carol Bernier

Rick and Juliana Cliffe

Julia DeBery and Brent Perow

Anne Dunham and Michael Danehy

Charles Durfee and Jennifer Oddleifson

Fidelity Brokerage Services

Betty Fitzjarrald – in memory of Launy Fitzjarrald

David Fluharty and Linda Hjortland  – in memory of William Everham

Anne and Walter Gamble

Susan and James Gillies III

William and Sandy Gilson

Peter Goodwin and Danielle Westcott

Lynne and Harold Handler

Catherine and Jeff Jacobs

Peggy Kapisovsky and Mark Farrow

Elizabeth and Martin Lakeman

Nathan and Janine Lipfert

Robert Lobis and Judy Wolfe

Kenneth Martin

Sandy Whiteley and Russell Maylone

Martha Mayo

Robert and Connie McChesney

Allen Miller

Linda and Greg Millert

Louise and John Moore – in honor of Readers Everywhere

John and Betsey Morse

Carl Nold

Susan and Peter North

Keith and Kathleen Perry

Bill and Mary Earl Rogers

Dennis and Patricia Ruppel – in memory of George Ruppel

Mary Anne Schneider and Charles Eldridge II

Lael and Chris Schwabe

Joseph Seigh

Mary and Ray Swain

George and Dottie Swanson

Gary Thorne and Alexandria Wilson

C. Roger and Margaret Tillotson

Francie and Jim Tolan

UBS Donor-Advised Fund

Erin R. Wilson and Family

Juanita Wilson

Sustainer – $100 to $249

Anonymous (3)

Martha Adams

Victoria G. Alexander

Horace Andrews – in honor of Gale Family

Nancy Barber

Bonaday Beck

Storrs and Suzanne Bigelow

Darice Birge

H.M. and M.L. Blanchard

Susan Bonis

Mike and Alison Bonney

Frances Morse and William Bowen

Wendy and Walter Briggs

Daniel and Marie Burchstead

Jeremy Burden D.D.S.

Timothy and Karla Burnham – in memory of Leanna Burnham

Susan Chrystal

Barbara and James Collins

Loring and Louise Conant

Joanna Conathan

Lloyd and Collette Coombs

Sidney and Sarah Corderman – in memory of Sarah Corderman

Karren and Donald Cowing

Eunice Cox

John and Rose Crosby – in memory of Samuel and Lorraine Crosby

David and Patty Crump

CR and Marla Davis

Scott and Sally Davis

Catherine Davis

Donald De Leo – in memory of Rita Joan De Leo

Elizabeth Dickson – in memory of Hope Seeley

Barbara Dolinger – in honor of Lesley Dolinger

Jim and Joan Drake

Peter and Susan Dublin

Leona and George Dufour

Paul Dumdey

John and Karin Duncan

Tom and Maggie Edwards

Mari and Daniel Eosco

Josephine W. Ewing and Donald Hudson

Cindy and Mike Fahay

David Fay – in memory of Colin Fay

Sue E. Fitzgerald

Margaret Flynn

Myrick Freeman and Claire Darrow

John and Bobbi Gable

Andrea and Jeff Galuza

Faith Cory Gardiner and Terry Kungel

Nancy and Larry Garside

GE Foundation

Susan George and Miles Epstein

Dana and Lynne Gilliam

Bruce Goodwin and Katherine Ewing

Anthony and Barbara Graham

Sara T. Graves

Robert and Katharine Gravino

Rev. Edward Greene – in memory of George Van Hazinga

Elizabeth and Michael Gregg

Maria and Christopher

Mimi and Bob Hamilton

Christopher Hankin

Mike and Sue Hart

Lois Hart

Sarah Harvey

Allison Hepler

Jillian and Rodger Herrigel

Caroline Hibbard – in honor of Jack Trask

Keith Hinds

Josephine Howell and John Kmetz

Thomas and Elizabeth Hughes

Susan and James Hummer

Nathaniel Hyde and Polly Arnoff

Marie and John James

David and Ellen Japikse

Sandra Johnson and Al Cerutti – in memory of Michael Grill

Grace Jones

Janet Kehl and Damian Sokol

Rob and Amy Kerr

William F. King Jr.

Evelyn King

Mary King

Jeffrey H. King

Donald and Ellen Kornrumpf

Lynn and George Kuttruff

Ruth and Don Lawson-Stopps

Elizabeth Lee

Bill and Amy Lent

Ralph and Shirley Lewis

John Limpert Jr.

Lisa-Marie’s Made in Maine

Erik Lund

John and Anne Marsh

Michael Mason

Vanessa and Andrew Mayer

Cybele Maylone – in honor of Russell Maylone

Hugh Maynard and Faith Woodman

Richard and Pamela Mayo

Dana and Elizabeth McCurdy

Jim and Jeanne McGowan

Antoinette Mercadante

Ralph and Florence Merry

Avery Hunt Meyers

Eric Monberg

Diane and Grey Moyer

Kim Mueser and Susan McGurk

Pia and Will Neilson

Kim and Herman Nichols

Terry Nordmann and Barbara Reinertsen

Kitty Paiste – in memory of Camilla Healey

Diane and James Paterson

James Peavey and Kathy Smith

Michael and Sally Pelillo Jr. – in memory of Leanna Burnham

Andrew and Kimberly Perry

Lou Perry

Dan Peterman

Russell Pinizzotto and Robin Johnson – in memory of William Everham

Geoff and Amanda Pope

Emily Pring – in honor of Robert Pring

Robert and Gene Proctor

Margaret G. Quadrino

Nancy Rabasca

William and Diane Racine

David Rawson and Karen Freedman

Henry and Monica Recknagel

Wendy and Gordon Reed

Elizabeth Reed

Harry and Kathy-Ann Reissman

Martha Rich – in memory of Ruth and Edwin Rich

Samantha Ricker and Dayne Dennett – in honor of Dylan, Seamus, and Aubrey

Katherine E. Rives – in memory of Joan Rives

Linda Robert

Michael and Claire Robinson

Rebecca Roche

Carole Rouillard

Merritt Sargent and Anne Ferguson

Dennis Sayce and Sarah Mahoney

Virginia Schelbert – in memory of Bill and Wendy Everham

Philip and Patricia Shannon

Dugan and Lynn Shipway

Deborah Showalter

Henry and Victoria Simpson

Steve and Marina Singer – in memory of Isadore Singer

Charles and Jill Small

Caelie and Derek Smith – in memory of Ken and Beryl McPherson

Joan M. Smith

Adam Sonnenschein

Dr. and Mrs. James Spencer

Diana Staring and Lawrence Hobel

Dixie Stedman and J.R. Phillips

Skip and Lucy Stinson

John Stone IV

Barry Sturgeon

Pat and Walter Taggert

Victoria Tanko

Stephen and Linda Thayer – in memory of Ann Badham

Bethany Thomas and Frederick Powers

John and Cathie Todd

Marylyn Tomajan

Richard and Margaret Totten

Larry and Kathy Totten

Karen and Kim Townsend

Bev Tuttle

Hans and Rika van Willigen

Bruce Vanderporten

Elena Vandervoort

Claire Vigneau

Lambert Walker III

Arthur White – in memory of Cynthia White

Stephen Williams and Lisa Reece

David and Olivia Williamson

Stephen and Joyce Wilson

Kate and Eric Winne

Loren and John Wright

Carl Zeis

Contributor – up to $99

Anonymous (9)

Mary Aaskov – in memory of Leanna Burnham

Helen Allisot

Paul and Roxane Althouse

Amazon Smile

Catherine W. Anderson – in memory of Wendy Everham

Thomas and Barbara Andreotta

Pat and Andy Andrews

Barbara Balkin

Valerie Barbour – in memory of Leanna Burnham

Tom and Judy Barrington

Pamela and Roger Barry

Roland Barter

Michael and Nancy Basofin – in honor of Lesley Dolinger

Susan Bauer

Cynthia Baughman

Becky Blaine – in memory of William Everham

Roger Bogart

Alan and Kathleen Bouchard

Steve Brackett

Carol M. Briggs

Ellen Browning

Paul Burgess and Polly Moutevelis-Burgess

Susan and Franklin Burroughs

Karen Bussey

June and Stuart Carlisle

Laura Lee and Robert Chadwick

John and Margaret Chapman

Audrey and Henry Cheetham

Elizabeth Conlin Smith

David Cowing and Judith Stafford

Constance Cummings

Sue and Peter Day

Adair DeLamater – in memory of David Barber

James and Sally Demartini

George and Lois Dole

Paula Dooley

June and David Dorion

Deborah Dube – in memory of Leanna Burnham

Roo Dunn and Kate Carpenter

Jacqueline and Dwight Dwinal

Robert and Fotini Eberhard

Walter Edge

Glenis and Wayne Elliott – in memory of Emily Allen

Martha Feehan – in memory of Dr. Hans Waecker

Alfred Fick

Linzi Fitzgerald

James Flannery

Eunice Fraser

Josephina Gasca

R. Allen and Barbara L. Gaul

Claudia Grandy – in memory of Leanna Burnham

Marnie Hackenberg

Barbara Joy Hare

Eileen and Tim Harkins

Barbara and Cory Hart

Brian and Virginia Hatch

Candice and Ruben Hernandez

John and Sheila Hewitt

Dick and Meryl Hill

Joanne and Stephen Hollenbeck

Bill and Sally Howell

Steven and Paula Jacunski

Alyssa James

Sabra Jayne

Eldie Johnston

Sally Johnstone

Joanna and Griffith Jones

John Van Orden and Jenny Jorgensen

Karen Robbins – in memory of William Everham

Elizabeth Kadehjian

Julie Keegan – in memory of Leanna Burnham

Charlotte Kirkpatrick

Ruth Knight

Janice R. Levitt

Bob and Judy Linville

Debbie Locke

Henry and Carol Lukas

Eileen MacAdam and Carr Ross

Diane Marchetti

Sherry Masters – in memory of William Everham

Ellen and Tom Masucci

Anthony and Treva Masulaitis

Tom and Sheila McCandless

John and Gretchen McNamara

Susan Mikesell

Philip Miller and Courtnay Malcolm

Nancy Moran

Robert Mosher – in memory of Edward and Joan Mosher

Elizabeth Oliver – in memory of Doris Aikenhead

Herbert and Harriet Paris

Aaron Park

Avanel Payne

Megan Rice

Michael and Mary Rice – in honor of Tom and Julie Rice

Barbara Richards

Sharon Ring

Sheryl and Jason Ritchie

Nicola Roberts – in memory of Leanna Burnham

John and Nancy Rogers

Judith Rosner

Robert and Virginia Santerre

Nicholas Sewall

Catherine Showalter

George Siatos

Reginald and Judith Smart

Sharon Steele and Cindy Young

Mary Jo and Karl Steiner

Jane Stevenson – in memory of Leanna Burnham

Ken and Melissa Textor

The Stony Brook School

Pauline Thibodeau

Joanna Torow and Kris Berglund

Gary and Linda Varney

Dulcianne and Whit Vye

Alan and Elizabeth Walton

Thomas Watson

Marilyn and Frederic Weinberg

Joe and Lois Welsh

Brian Whiter

Elizabeth Wiseman

Sara Wright

Victor Zarougian and Judith Saryan


Champion – $2,000 and up

First Federal Savings & Loan

K. M. Robbins Construction

Major Benefactor – $1,000 to $1,999

Mid Coast Hospital

Now You’re Cooking

Sagadahock Real Estate

Benefactor – $500 to $999

Bath Savings Institution

Country Farm Furniture

Midcoast Orthodontics

Sponsor – $250 to $499

Armentrout Select Realty

BEK, Inc.

Cunningham Security

David Matero Architecture

Georgetown Pottery

Halcyon Yarn

Hampton Inn

Hyde School

Just Framing

Maine Hosting Solutions

Mark Hawkes Firewood

New England Cancer Specialists

Spencer Gray Insurance

The Kennebec Company

Sustainer – $100 to $249

Frohmiller Construction

Maine Maritime Museum

Midcoast Senior College

Rotary Club of Bath

State Farm

Studio Theatre of Bath

Adult, Children’s, Young Adult, History Room Gifts


Bath Historical Society

Dr. Susan Beegel

Lori Benson and Ken Borgendale

Edgard & Geraldine Feder Foundation

Fidelity Charitable

Friends of the Patten Free Library

Roger and Sukey Heard

Susan and James Hummer

Jacqueline Johnson

Merrymeeting Bay Trust

Thomas and Julie Rice

Karen Richard

Sagadahock Real Estate

Dr. and Mrs. James Spencer

Joan Dunton Strout

Walmart Foundation

West Bath Historical Society

General Operating Gifts


City of Bath

Fang Family Foundation

Frank A. Givin Charitable Trust

PNC Institutional Asset Management

L. Manlius Sargent

Mary and Ray Swain

Town of Arrowsic

Town of Georgetown

Town of West Bath

Town of Woolwich

Saturday Club Members

Carol and Marty Eckstein

Colby and Kay Kavanagh

Sandy Whiteley and Russell Maylone – in honor of Minnie Brown

Henry and Victoria Simpson – in memory of Douglas Simpson, Janet Whitmore Earl, and Violet Simpson

Teen Space & Reference Renovation Gifts

Betsy and Mike Fear

Polly and David Goldman

Catherine and Jeff Jacobs

Richard Kessler and Pamela Cox

Stephen & Tabitha King Foundation

Melanie and John Willey

John and Sheila Zittel

In Kind Gifts

Amato’s Sandwich Shops

Amtrak Downeaster


Stephen and Marcia August

Michelle Baker

Bangkok Garden

Bath Area YMCA

Bath Brewing Company

Bath Natural Market

Bath Sweet Shoppe

Stephanie Batterman

Beale Street BBQ

Benjamin Packard House

Bert’s Oil Service

Best Thai II

Betsy’s Hair Salon & Spa

Bohemian Rose

Bolos Kitchen, Cantina, and Candlepin

Boston Bruins

Brackett’s Market

Bull Moose Music

Byrnes’ Irish Pub

Café Crème

Cahill Tire, Inc.

Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine

Chocolate Church Arts Center

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

Concinnity Deli

Domino’s Pizza

Annette Vance Dorey

Dunkin’ Donuts

Eveningstar Cinema

Fat Boy Drive-In

Fiore Artisan Olive Oils

Flight Deck Brewing

Frosty’s Donuts

Gelato Fiasco

Georgetown Pottery

Great Lost Bear

Gulf of Maine Books

Halcyon Yarn

Henry and Marty Restaurant and Catering

House of Logan

Island Treasure Toys

J’adore Consignment

Robert and Roberta Jordan

Mark Jorgensen

Just Framing

Justin Andrus Law Office

Mary Ellen Kazimer and Andy Barber

Alistair Keith-Hardy

Kennebec Tavern

Library Bookstore

Lisa-Marie’s Made in Maine

Shelley Little

M. W. Sewall & Company

Mae’s Cafe

Maine Red Claws

Maine Historical Society

Maine Mariners

Maine Maritime Museum

Maine State Music Theatre

Mateo’s Hacienda

Midcoast Symphony Orchestra

Monkey C Monkey Do

Now You’re Cooking

Ogunquit Playhouse

Pamela’s World

Pitter Patter

Portland Museum of Art

Red Cloak Tours

Reny’s Department Store

Run With Soup

Salt Pine Social

Scarlet Begonias

Sea Dogs Baseball

Seadog Brewing Co.

Sharon Drake Real Estate

Shaw’s Supermarket

Skillins Greenhouse

Smitty’s Cinema

Spencer E. Gray Jr. LLC

Springer’s Jeweler

Starlight Cafe

Brad Terry

The Cabin

The Mustard Seed Bookstore

Wendy Thompson

Tiffany White Photography

Tranquility Day Spa

Leslie Trundy

Union Street Bakery


Victoria Mansion

Water Street Yoga

Dave Weidner and Andrea Terry

Wilbur’s of Maine

Witch Spring Hill Ice Cream

Women in Hiding Press

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    AARP Tax Aide

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