Welcome to the Children’s Room


We’re here to help raise passionate readers! The Children’s Room is surrounded by Dahlov Ipcar’s original mural painting and books that focus on infants up to 11 years old. Our Children’s Room is an enchanting place to visit with a friendly staff who love working with kids. Here, you’ll discover collections of books, audio-books, DVDs, iPads, touchscreen computers, and music CDs. The Story Time Room houses a hand-made sailboat, Time of Wonder. There are also age appropriate learning toys for children to enjoy.  Make sure to bookmark our Monthly Flyer of events.

Ask our Children’s Room staff for details about the following non-book circulating items:

  • Telescope (1)
  • Binoculars (2 day/night use; 2 day use kits)
  • American Girl Doll Kits (7)
  • Learning language book bags (2), French & Spanish
  • Science-themed backpacks (7) & books bags (7)

There are some very beautiful wall paintings in the Children’s Room. Could you tell me more them?                                                                   

The mural was painted in 1978 for the Children’s Room by Georgetown, Maine artist and children’s author, Dahlov Ipcar.  The mural is unique because it is Mrs. Ipcar’s first mural. The colorful and imaginative work features a Composite Crane, Cheetah, Antelope-Greater Kudoo, African Zebra, Thompson’s Gazelle, Wildebeast, the old Children’s Room cat named Squiggles, Lion, Civit Cat, Composite Bird, Hoo Poos, Tiger, Asian Deer, Spotted Salamader, Asian Hare and Wild Peccary. The mural was amazingly moved in 1998 from the original location to its current location. When you visit the Library, we encourage you to check out some Dahlov Ipcar books.

What ages should use the Children’s Room?
We welcome children of all ages to use the Children’s Room.

How old should my child be before getting a library card?
We give library cards to children of all ages! We suggest that you as a parent determine the best time. Come in with a valid picture ID, proof of residence and we will be happy to help you out!

What kind of books do you have?
We have an amazing array of board books, picture books, early readers, beginning chapter books, non-fiction books, biographies and middle grade chapter books! We also have a great collection of audio books on CD.

Do you have toys for children to play with?
We do! Our toys cycle in and out of use depending on the time of year, but we almost always have our dollhouse, blocks, puzzles, coloring pages, and puppet theater with hand puppets available—not to mention our sailboat!

What’s the story with that sailboat?
Our little red sailboat, Time of Wonder, was built in collaboration with the Library and the Maine Maritime Museum, by area children and master boat builders.

Are there computers available?
We have two computers for children to play games and do homework on, as well as six iPads stocked with the very best early literacy and education apps. Children may use the computers for up to 30 minutes at a time and the iPads for up to an hour. We have two AWE computer stations, too!

Do you have movies? Music?
Yes! We have a variety of educational and entertaining DVDs and CDs.

Can I leave my child alone at the library?
Our unattended child policy mandates that children ages 7 and under must be accompanied in the Children’s Room. Ages 8-9 may be left alone in our room as long as they have a caregiver in the library at large and children 10 and older may use the library unattended. See our Unattended Child Policy or ask at the desk for more information.

I heard something about you having American Girl Dolls available?
We currently have seven American Girl Dolls your child can take home for one week. Each doll comes with its book and a journal to keep track of her adventures, as well as clothes and accessories to play with.

What other sort of kits can I check out?                                                                                                                                 We offer seven science My Own Backyard (MOBY) backpacks and seven MOBY  book bags that are filled with educational tools used for youth exploration of local natural history, made possible by a Merrymeeting Bay Trust Grant. Also, thanks to a kind private donation, we are also able to offer two Dino Lingo backpacks, intensive tools for learning languages (Spanish and French).

I need help finding a book my child will enjoy. Can I ask you for help?
Absolutely! Our friendly, knowledgeable Children’s Room staff is tops. We love helping to select the right book for your child and encouraging life-long, passionate readers!

I see you have events coming up; what kind of programs are usually running?
All of our children’s programs, story times, after school activities and summer reading are literature-based and aim to perk your child’s interest in learning and reading. Our story times and after school activities run throughout the school year. The Summer Reading Program is always an exceptionally exciting and popular program. We usually have over 500 registered participants and over 1,000 people in our many programs!

Tell me more about these Story Times?
Story Times are a wonderfully fun way to teach your child early socialization and literacy skills. Each age appropriate program is thoughtfully prepared and no registration is required. Parents and caregivers have a chance to make and meet friends too! Look for these regular Story Times:  Babies Morning Out, Toddler Tales and Preschool Story Time!

What do you have going on for my child(ren) after school?
Our after school activities always nurture learning and carry a fun component. Look for some of these regulars, such as Chess Club; Legos+, PokeMonday, and Family Game Night. Other subjects such as sciences, languages, and crafts are offered throughout the year. Check out our monthly flyer to learn more.

How do I find books in your room?
Our collections are arranged in the best system we know to help you locate what you’re looking for. Here’s a key to finding what you’re looking for in the Children’s Room. The key to finding the item you want is on the spine label, called the “CALL NUMBER”. Every item in the Children’s Room has the letter J on the spine label. The J stands for “JUVENILE” or “JUNIOR”, as opposed to the grown-up items. After the J, you’ll see the letters that tell you what shelf section to go to. Always feel free to ask our staff for help. They’ll be happy to give you a little tour and explain things to you.
J E 1 = EARLY READER, level 1
J E 2 = EARLY READER, level 2
J E 3 = EARLY READER, level 3
J B = BIOGRAPHY (books about people)
J NF = NON-FICTION (fact books arranged by the Dewey Decimal System, number order)
J CD = CD (music, songs)