Book Review: The Girls I’ve Been by Tess Sharpe

Nora, her ex boyfriend (but still best friend) Wes, and new girlfriend Iris visit the bank one morning for a routine errand, only to have their day turn anything but routine when they and everyone else inside the bank are taken hostage.  Luckily for them, but unluckily for the would be bank robbers, Nora is no ordinary teenager.  Raised by a con artist mother who is now in prison, Nora has played many roles, and been many different girls, in her life.  In the last five years without her mother, Nora has tried to very hard to leave her old life behind.  But she will have to rely on every one of those long ingrained instincts if she, Wes, and Iris are going to make it out alive.

I love a good con artist story, and this is a good one.  A fast paced, complicated story full of twists and turns that alternates between Nora’s past and present, we get to see exactly what it was that made Nora who she is.  As the layers of Nora are peeled away one by one, who will she become?

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