Book Review: “The Daughters of Ys” by M.T. Anderson and Jo Rioux

The Daughters of Ys by M.T. Anderson and Jo Rioux is a stunningly illustrated mythical graphic novel fantasy about two sisters descended from a faerie mother and a prince. The beautiful illustrations are a lovely and stark contrast to the dark and sinister tale they tell. 

The story is a retelling of a classic Breton folktale about the mythical city of Ys, which once sat upon the coast of Brittany but was swallowed by the ocean. Ys is a city of wealth and wonder, but has a history of dark secrets.  In Anderson’s version, Ys is built by the magic of Queen Malgven.  She and her husband, King Gradlon, have made a deal with a demon to keep the Kingdom from sinking under the ocean.

After their mother’s death, King Gradlon is lost in grief. The two sisters, Rozenn and Dahut, drift apart.  Dahut loves the intrigue of palace life. She learns about her mother’s magic and continues to uphold the agreement with the demon, under pressure from the King.  Rozenn, the rightful heir, spends her time on the moors, away from the palace, and is unaware of the deal that’s been made.  But in end, she is one who has to save the Kingdom’s people after all goes wrong.

If you are looking for a chilling fantasy to hold you over through the remaining cold, dark days of winter, I recommend giving this graphic novel a try. 

Review by Megan Hultman, Circulation Assistant.

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