Book Review: “That Can Be Arranged: A Muslim Love Story”

That Can Be Arranged is a lighthearted, funny, and colorful graphic memoir that details author Huda Fahmy’s love story, which happened to be an arranged marriage.  Huda guides us through what it was like growing up as a Muslim woman and trying to balance both familial and personal expectations for relationships.  The way she navigates the path between choice and tradition is very encouraging, but her stories are also hilarious. She sorts through suitors, dates with chaperones, and negotiates arranged marriages as well as any Jane Austen heroine. We get to live through bad dates and gossiping aunties, but also learn the lovely story of how Huda met her crush and now husband Gehad. 

I recommend giving this a read if you are looking for something sweet and fluffy to warm up these rainy days. The courtship between Huda and Gehad is really adorable, and I definitely enjoyed learning more about significant aspects of Huda’s culture, religion, and traditions along the way.  

This review is by Megan Hultman of the Circulation Desk.  

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