Book Review: “Snow, Glass, Apples”

Snow, Glass, Apples is Neil Gaiman’s chilling take on Snow White, told from the view of the “Evil Queen.” Gaiman originally published it as a short story in his 1998 anthology, Smoke and Mirrors: Short Fictions and Illusions. He teamed up with illustrator Colleen Doran in 2019 to create a graphic novel version. The story offers a more sinister take on one of our most  beloved princesses, one that would have Mr. Walt Disney shaking in his Mickey ears. Doran provides illustrations that are as beautiful as they are mildly disconcerting, and Neil Gaiman doesn’t fail to bring his own scary twist on why Snow White has lips red as the rose, her hair black as ebony, and skin white as snow. 

If you are looking for a dark and spooky adult fairy tale, I highly recommend giving this a read. If you enjoy it, you might also like The Sleeper and the Spindle, another Gaiman retelling, that is a part Snow White and part Sleeping Beauty.

Review by Megan Hultman, who works at the main circulation desk.

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