Book Review: Roberta’s YA Favorites

We Were Liars by E Lockhart

Teenager Cadence tries to piece together what happened to her on her wealthy family’s private island two summers ago. Short, fast-paced, mysterious fiction with an ending you won’t see coming.

The 57 Bus by Dashka Slater

Emotional true story of a 2013 assault in Oakland, California, when an African-American public school teen boy named Richard sets fire to a sleeping, gender-nonconforming, white, private school teen named Sasha on a city bus. Issues of race, class, justice, gender are all an integral part of the story.

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

Two young social outcasts with difficult family lives connect and find love after meeting and sharing playlists on the school bus.

City of Thieves by David Benioff 

Coming of age story set in World War II Russia.  Two young men desperately search for a dozen eggs for a Soviet officer, a task which takes them far behind enemy lines.

The House on the Cerulean Sea by PJ Klune

Children with magical powers hidden away on an island orphanage: a gnome, a sprite, a wyvern, an unidentifiable green blob, a Were-Pomeranian, and the Antichrist. They are all overseen by Mr. Parnassus, a man of mystery himself. Linus, a lonely government bureaucrat in the Department in Charge of Magical Youth, is sent to investigate their situation, and slowly falls in love with them all.

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