Book Review: Pumpkinheads

Pumpkinheads is the latest YA Graphic novel collaboration between Rainbow Rowell, author of bestselling titles such as Eleanor and Park, Fangirl, and Carry On, and Faith Erin Hicks, author and illustrator of Friends with Boys

This graphic novel follows two best friends –Deja and Josiah — through their last night working together at “the Patch,” the world’s best pumpkin patch, as they prepare to head their separate ways and start their college careers. They have a mission: to help Josiah finally talk to the girl he has had a crush on for years. Of course, even the best laid plans may not go as you’d expect.

As someone who has visited a pumpkin patch every year of my life, I found this graphic novel incredibly nostalgic, and very appropriate for the Halloween season. The friendship between Deja and Josiah is one I think we all could or would like to relate too, and the art and atmosphere makes you want to grab your flannel, a pumpkin treat, and head to the nearest pumpkin patch. Get cozy and give this a read! 

Review by Megan Hultman, Circulation Staff.

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