Book Review: “On the Horizon” by Lois Lowry

On the Horizon: World War II Reflections is a stirring new memoir written by Maine’s own Lois Lowry. The book looks back at the history of lives forever changed after the bombings of Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima. The slim novel/memoir is written in verse, with each poem a recollection of heroes both big and small. Her stunning reflections pull you back in time; they are filled with human emotion. Her writing allows each memory to feel personal. The way she recalls events with the innocence of a child but layers in her knowledge as an elder makes the writing so touching to me. Her accounts are brief and simple, but convey strong feelings about humanity, war, and hope.

The illustrations by Kenard Pak are also very simple and add a dream-like personality to each poem. I did not live during that time but it feels like I shared Lois Lowry’s memories, which helps me understand World War II a little better. I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone. What is truly awesome about this book is the message that time can heal, and that empathy, gratitude and solace can be achieved even after events so tragic. 

Patten Free Library is so fortunate to have Lois Lowry agree to be the keynote speaker at our very first annual Bath Book Bash! Ms. Lowry has written over 40 books and won the Newberry Medal for the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children in 1990, for Number the Stars, and in 1994, for The Giver.  If you want to read On the Horizon as a family, you can use the linked teacher’s guide to the book for further discussion.

Click the following link for more information about the Bath Book Bash.

Book review by Katy Dodge, Head of Children’s Services.

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