Book Review: Lousiana’s Way Home

Louisiana Elefante has a voice that can sing! In Louisiana’s Way Home by Kate DiCamillo, twelve-year-old Louisiana is going to need to use her talents and sing for her supper. You see, Louisiana has a family curse on her head and the day of reckoning (according to Granny) has arrived. Louisiana is separated from all the things she loves when her Granny wakes her at 3 a.m. in order to confront the curse. They end up crossing the Georgia – Florida line where Louisiana discovers she is not as alone as she thought.

Louisiana is determined to find her way back to her home and friends in Florida. It takes a special young man with a crow on his shoulder to give her the directions. He has pointed out the direction that leads South but her heart follows the North star, where she will never be lost. This book is full of enchanting characters, from a famous pie-baking mom to a grumpy hotel-owner to Louisiana herself.  Louisiana’s friendships and endearing personality make for a delightful read while teaching the importance of forgiveness. Kate DiCamillo is an enchanting storyteller; Louisiana’s Way Home has made a profound impact on my heart.

Review is by Katy Dodge, the Head of Children’s Services.

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