Book Review: How to Stop Time

How to Stop Time (2018)
Matt Haig

How would you live your life if you only aged one year for every fifteen? This novel is the story of 41-year-old protagonist Tom Hazard, who due to a rare medical condition has been alive for centuries. The clandestine Albatross Society protects his secret. As a member of the Society, he must move and create a new identity every eight years and must follow their number one rule: never fall in love.

In this story where past and present alternate, we follow Tom as he lived during Shakespearian London and Paris in the roaring 20s. We also follow his life where he currently lives in London and teaches high school history. We read about his encounters with Shakespeare, Captain Cook, and Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald. Part romance, part commentary on life and how we live it, this is an imaginative and compelling read.

Benedict Cumberbach will be starring in a movie version of this book.

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Review by Lesley Dolinger, Library Director

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