Book Review: Find Your Unicorn Space by Eve Rodsky

This book is a companion piece to Rodsky’s Fair Play, which delves into the challenges of modern motherhood, especially the “invisible workload” that women take on and how to divide these tasks equitably with a partner. In that book, Rodsky suggests that women should also carve out time for self-care, social connections, and “Unicorn Space”  – an activity or passion that both lights you up and recharges your batteries.  Find Your Unicorn Space is a deep dive into the importance of rediscovering those unique interests that can so easily get lost in the crush of daily life while women pursue professional fulfilment and/or raise children and/or a nurture a marriage and/or maintain a household.  There are tips and strategies for identifying those interests and creating the space to pursue them.  There’s inspiration in the numerous stories of women prioritizing fulfilling interests.

This book feels especially timely – it was written during the pandemic and refers quite a bit to the extra challenges that we face during this crazy time.  This book has given me, one stressed-out mamma, some great strategies for reconnecting with simple pleasures that help me refocus and replenish some of what’s been depleted these past few years. This would also be a great book club selection – the conversations with friends are funny, affirming, and powerful. 

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