Book Review: Economix: How our economy works (and doesn’t work) in words and pictures by Michael Goodwin, illustrated by Dan E. Burr

I cannot for the life of me believe how much I enjoyed this book!  Who would have believed that a book about the economy could offer entertainment and even humor?  That I would look forward to picking off a chapter every night, and learn so much about such a “dry” subject?  That I would find comfort in understanding just why millions of Americans in the middle class find themselves struggling? 

This book follows the American economy and economic forces from before America even existed up until modern times, including the market crash.  It uses drawings to represent forces such as corporate interests, the poor, different parties (the familiar donkey and elephant), and such so that the ideas are easier to understand.  In particular, the interaction of the drawings makes the interaction of the forces easier to understand.  The book excels at showing how rules and regulations from various players in the global market (represented by distinct caricatures) affect other players and forces, including, of course, the consumer.  The book does NOT rely heavily on graphs and numbers, but instead relies on scenarios to show what happened at what time.  I would recommend this book to anyone who finds themselves subject to the forces of the economy – which is everyone, if you’re counting. 

Review by Andrea Terry, Circulation Assistant

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