Book Review: “Eat at Home Tonight: 101 Simple Busy-Family Recipes for Your Slow Cooker, Sheet Pan, Instant Pot, and More,” by Tiffany King

For the start a new school year, Eat at Home Tonight is a wonderful cookbook, full of dinner options for busy families.  I have bookmarked many of the recipes to try, and the ones I’ve tried so far have been delicious!  I’ll be making her One-Pot Sausage, Corn, and Red Pepper Chowder this week for an easy weeknight dinner.

I love how the cookbook is organized into sections such as “I Only Have 15 Minutes Tonight,” “Everyone’s on a Different Schedule Tonight,” and “I’m Out of the House and Won’t Have Time to Cook Tonight.”

She has a section called “I Want to Cook for the Whole Week Tonight” that involves prepping ingredients for the freezer, that you can thaw out the night before you need them, and dump them into a slow cooker.  (Some recipes also have instructions for a pressure cooker if you prefer that to the slow cooker.)  This section is well organized with color-coded charts of the ingredients you need to buy.  I love her idea of sharing one of these frozen meals with a busy friend.

Another useful section is “I Want to Cook for Tonight and Tomorrow Night,” where she uses the leftovers from the first night in the second night’s dinner.  The leftovers are also freezable if you want to make the second dinner on a different night.

I hate to wash dishes, so one of my favorite sections is “I Don’t Have Time for Dishes Tonight.”  She includes some sheet-pan dinners, soups (including the one I’ll make this week), and skillet meals that only use one pot or pan.

I am always looking for easy recipes for busy weeknights.  This book is full of new meal options for me to try on my family.  You can also check out Tiffany King’s website ( for some more of her tips and tricks.


Review by Amanda Walden, who works in the Children’s Room. 

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