Book Review: Bluebird Sharon Cameron

This YA historical thriller travels back and forth in time between Germany in the last days of World War II and New York City after the war. Eva has made a deal that will take her and Brigit away from Germany and safely to the United States. But Eva seeks justice in the U.S., and the generous Americans who help her have no idea who she really is and what she is really planning….

This taut tale contains fascinating historical detail, particularly about the role of the American Friends Service Committee after the war. But the historical detail never weighs down the pace, and the string of reveals are so relentless that neither of us could put it down. Important characters are introduced relatively late in the story and bring surprising and unexpected results.

The novel boasts many likable characters who serve as important counterweights to truly abominable villains (made all the more horrific due to the historical inspiration behind their identities which is deftly explained in a fact-laden author’s note). It serves as an accessible exploration of “right” and “wrong” and questions the definition of “justice” when emotions call for revenge. Eminently readable for adults and young adults alike.

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