Book Review: “Beavers” from the Superpower Field Guide Series by Rachel Poliquin

Beavers (Superpower Field Guide) by Rachel Poliquin is a book that offers an inside look at what makes the ordinary beaver EXTRA-ordinary! Did you know that beavers have unstoppable teeth, paws of power, and a turbocharged superstink?  I didn’t know that either until I read this first book in this four-book (so far) series. Rachel Poliquin introduces the reader to the real world abilities of ordinary beavers through two fictional beaver characters, Elmer and Irma. 

Sounds confusing, but it’s not! This book is loaded with mind-blowing facts about the beaver, including history, anatomy, habitat, and other stunning beaver characteristics. Beavers have their own transportation system! Who knew? This book has it all.  Beavers (Superpower Field Guide) is a richly-illustrated book and is the first in a series that is laugh-out-loud funny, with page-turning facts and lively and endearing characters. The retro-style illustrations by Nicholas John Firth move the story along and add humor that also engages the reader. 

I’ve started the next book in the series, Moles, and the facts are deep, so I’ll keep digging. Look for other books in the series including; Moles, Ostriches and Eels.

Book Review by Katy Dodge, Head of Children’s Services

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