Harmful and Shifting Species with UMaine Extension 4-H

Wednesday Afternoons  in May 10-June 14 @ 3:30-4:00 pm

In this series of hands-on activities youth learn about harmful and shifting species in the Gulf of Maine. Using native and invasive crab species as a case study, youth engage in games, simulations, and scientific observations. Through these activities they get to know the importance of food webs and the impacts of invasive species and a changing environment on ecosystems. For grades 4-5.

To register email childrenscirc@patten.lib.me.us or call 207-443-5141 x1016.

Week 1: All about ecosystems!
Week 2: Invasive species: How did they get here?
Week 3: Meet the crabs: Native vs Invasive
Week 4: Invasion of the European Green Crab game
Week 5: Warming ocean, shifting species
Week 6: Harmful and shifting species, pass it on

Come and join the fun in learning together! 

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