16th Town History Series Opens January 18!

The Sagadahoc History and Genealogy Room announces its sixteenth annual Town History Series, jointly sponsored by the Patten Free Library and the Bath Historical Society.  On five Saturday mornings in January and February, from 10:30-11:30 A.M., people from the five towns that support the Library will present aspects of their towns’ histories in the Community Room of the Patten Free Library.  The Series will be filmed for showing on local TV.  Doors open at 10 A.M.

               Each talk will provide a detailed perspective on an important aspect of that town’s history that had not been included in previous Town History Series presentations.  For example, in his Arrowsic presentation, Matt Caras will talk about the ordinance history of the intertidal zone and its role in the island’s economy.  For Woolwich, Rob Stevens, who, in 2017, retraced Benedict Arnold’s 1775 expedition to Quebec, will discuss the original expedition in which soldiers from Woolwich and neighboring towns participated.  Don Bruce will give us a number of stories about the origin and meaning of place names in West Bath.  The Georgetown presentation will be a talk in which the late Captain Stin Davis will recount his career in the Merchant Marine and his full life in Georgetown in a 1981 recorded interview.  For Bath, Chris Timm will give stories about many of the ship-owning families of Bath and their public personas.  Each talk will last about 45 minutes, leaving 15 minutes for questions and discussion.

January 18:  Arrowsic:  Matt Caras, “Arrowsic’s Intertidal Zone: A Historical Perspective”

January 25:  Woolwich: Rob Stevens, “Woolwich Soldiers and the 1775 Benedict Arnold Expedition to Quebec”

February 1:  West Bath:  “What’s in a Name?: An Historical Perspective on Place-Names in West Bath”

February 8:  Georgetown: “Captain Stin Davis…in his own words”

February 15:  Bath:    Chris Timm, “Bath’s Ship-Owning Princes”

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