Not Getting Email Notifications?

Some PFL patrons have not been receiving e-mail notifications for hold pick-ups, items due soon, or overdue notices. In some cases, this is because the notice is perceived as junk e-mail by your mail program, and partly because the Minerva system sends out so many of these notices at once.

A proactive way to make sure this doesn’t happen is to let your e-mail program know that you really do want to receive e-mails from the library’s automated system. Here’s a link describing the process of ‘whitelisting’ a domain or address for Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook.

The domain you need to whitelist is: If you’d rather be more granular, the actual e-mail ID that the notice comes from is It is also advisable to add and to your Contacts list.

If you are in the habit of deleting emails from PFL without reading them, some mail programs might assume these messages are junk e-mail and will automatically assign all future messages to your Spam folder.

If you need assistance, please see one of our reference librarians at the Information Services desk.

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