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Friends of Patten Free Library’s 2017 Heritage Days Book Sale


Volunteers Are Needed for the Heritage Days Book Sale. The Friends of Patten Free Library need many, many volunteers to help unpack, set-up, staff, and break down the annual Heritage Days Book Sale over the fourth of July weekend.  To sign up, click here .  Please note: Only your name will appear on the on-line form after you sign up. No other contact information will be visible.

Here is a preview of the sights you may see at this year’s Heritage Days Book Sale!


Guess she found a great book

Heritage Days Book Sale

For those who are Members of the Friends,  join us at the Preview Sale on Friday June 30th 5 -8 pm!

(to get first pick of books, you may join at the door – $15/indiv and $20/family membership.


Many Books, Many Readers!

Sat       July 1st    10 am – 4 pm

Sun      July 2nd   10 am – 4 pm

Mon      July 3rd    10 am – 4 pm

Tues      July 4th     10 am – 2 pm

Winter Street Center, 880 Washington Street







Book Donations Notice


The Library Bookstore will accept book donations through Thursday June 22nd.


Book donations can not be accepted from June 23 – July 6th, in order to run the Heritage Days Book Sale.

Books donations will be accepted again on Friday July 7th.


The Library Bookstore will be open on Sunday July 2nd during Heritage Days in addition to our usual hours of 10 – 4 pm  Mondays – Saturdays.