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Children's Room
Information for Teachers & Caregivers

Woolwich Central Kindergarten
Each year all kindergarten classes in Bath
and Union 47 visit the library for a tour

Teachers, Parents, Homeschoolers and Caregivers: We offer introductory tours of the library and invite you to schedule a visit with us! This can include a story, book browsing, a book-talk on a topic you are studying or basic library skills lesson.

TEACHERS: If you teach in the Bath School System or Union 47 but live outside the communities these schools serve, you are eligible for a free "teachers library card" which will allow you to borrow materials for use in your classroom only. When making your selections please leave enough books on your chosen subject, remaining on the shelf for others to share. We have never limited the amount of books people may take, we have always relied on the honor system! Thank you.

VOLUNTEERS: Would you like to read to children? The Patten Free Library and Success By Six sponsors a training session, provides a book bag and matches you with a local center. It's one of the most rewarding things you'll ever do! (All candidates are screened by the Maine State Bureau of Investigation.

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