Children's Programs
2004 - 2005

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Chickadee Choices

Mrs. Shaffer of Fisher Mitchell School Library was our guest during
February School Vacation Week. She read "Buster",
a Maine Children's Choice Picture Book

The Merril Family

Lydia, and soon to be adopted, Ruth
share a book with Dad at
Family Evening Storytime

Libraries Are for Babies Too!

All babies can be registered for
their own library card.

Community Read-Aloud
"The Roses in My Carpet

Hilary and Morgana of W. Bath learn
how to weave like the Afghani boy
in "The Roses in My Carpet."

"The Roses in My Carpet"

Artist Susan Perrine brought colorful
yarn for us to weave with.

"The Roses in My Carpet"

Mrs. Celebi prepared Afghani
food for us to sample

Morris Farm Visits

Carey taught us all about chickens

Family Evening with Chicken

Connor meets the chicken

Shariki Visitors

Mr. Lipfert of Woolwich talks with students from
Shariki in Japan Who joined us for an Ice Cream Social

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